New Scientist Live tickets are on sale now

 作者:扶桐痰     |      日期:2019-03-15 05:10:10
New Scientist Live 22-25 September ExCeL London New Scientist Live is a festival of ideas and discovery, taking place at ExCeL London. Rooted in the biggest, best and most provocative science, New Scientist Live will touch on all areas of human life. The show will feature four immersive zones covering Brain & Body, Technology, Earth and Cosmos. For four days this September, New Scientist Live will be like no other place on earth. What you’ll find at the show… British ESA astronaut Tim Peake • Martin Rees • Jim Al-Khalili • Alice Roberts • Marcus Du Sautoy • Anil Seth • Monica Grady • Mark Miodownik • Marcus Chown • Jo Marchant • Richard Wiseman • Lewis Dartnell • Helen Pilcher • Robin Lovell-Badge • David Tong • Bernard Carr • Beth Healey • Freya Harrison • Myles Allen • Darren Naish • Festival Of The Spoken Nerd • Gaia Vince • Keith Cowing • Nigel Ackland • Tara Shears • Srivas Chennu • Warren Ellis • Plus many more… How Olympic athletes go faster • How to hijack a satellite • We found the Higgs boson: what comes next? • Are there things we can never know? • How Arabic science changed the world • Journey to the centre of the sun • Test your own DNA • How the oceans have shaped humanity • Is there anywhere left to explore? • The 2000 year old computer • Fold me a spacecraft • Could you handle life on Mars? • Antarctica’s hidden world • Could we harness the power of the sun? • Who’s afraid of the future? • Can you think yourself healthy? • Is there anything machines can’t do?